Sometimes spelled Walleo, Whalleo is a character in Flying Popcorn Juice’s Plush Videos, she is the mother of Long GooGah and her father is Long GooGoo and her grandparents are Long Hair / Long Skywalkhair and GooGoo. She was always a troublemaker. Interestingly she is adventurous and loves to make stuff to impress her family.

HER UNUSUALLY CONFUSING BIRTH: She Came out of Long GooGoo‘s Butthole one day and almost drowned cause she landed in the toilet. Her first word was dada and she said it to the toilet. Rumour is that Before Long Hair Had Long GooGoo he was going to have a whale and long GooGoo but Long GooGoo ate the whale inside Long Hair’s Girlfriend/ sister’s Stomach. Causing Long GooGoo to have whalleo when Long googoo was 5. Whalleo ages a bit differently because she had a birthday in Space causing her age to be 25.9132/1-5.

LIFE NOW: She Lives with her family and they all take care of each other.