When TheCosmicShogun (Gabe) and his brother BlueSkullHeadz (Kyle) went to a Sear's store when they were little, they found a free sample cart, and they loved the samples. Just before they left the store, they notice a bunch of white bears under the cart where they got their samples. They went up to the lady running the cart and asked if they can have one bear. She gave it to them and told them to take good care of it. Gabe and Kyle named the bear Snuggle since it had the word Snuggle on its tag. Unlike any other toy Gabe and Kyle had, they had a great connection with Snuggle and loved him. They then made The Adventures Of Snuggle. This version of the series is very different from the one on YouTube, as it was longer and the episodes had no continuity. In the original The Adventures Of Snuggle, anything Gabe and Kyle imagined would be an episode. In the series Snuggle made many friends and enemies, most of these would go into the YouTube version of The Adventures Of Snuggle. Then, one day, Gabe discovered YouTube. He and his brother were astounded at the fact that you can make videos or your own king of show for free! Through YouTube, the boys discovered people like SuperMarioLogan, Goomzilla, and MarioMario8989 and loved their plush videos! They thought, why can't we make our own show like them? And then, years later, TheCosmicShogun was created!