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Superminer64 (Jack Wisse) is a Plushtuber who started his youtube carreer on July of 2014 but started uploading on September of that same year. Most of his videos are either vlogs, updates on his plush videos, and his plush videos mostly containing Mario and Luigi. Since 8/18/17, Jack currently has 145 subscribers.

Super Mario Bros: The Legend Of The Hands Edit

Super Mario Bros: The Legend Of The Hands, or SMBTLOTH for short, is the most time spent in all of Jack's plush series. This plush series is about Mario (Jack Wisse) and Luigi (His brother, Sam Wisse) saving Princess Peach from Bowser (Jack Wisse) but in a more serious tone. Jack finished the series with a series finale on June of 2017.

Superminer Super Shorts Edit

Superminer Supershorts are little plush videos (if not, live action skits) and is a ongoing series with the first one called "Knuckles and Sonic" about Knuckles complaning about himself not being in the newest Super Smash Bros. The newest one is a crossover episode with plushtuber Aaron The Plush Master 52, about Knuckles from MDB/TMF's videos (Also known as Knackles in the superminer64 dimention) travels through a magic TV set meeting Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails from superminer64's videos. This video has been released late because of dubbing issues and time constraints.

Bare Knuckles Edit

Bare Knuckles is Jacks current series on the colab channel The Plush People. The series is about Knuckles going on his own adventure. Each episode has a length of up to 8 minutes, unlike SMBTLOTH which has up to 30 minute episodes. The series has all star voice actors, featuring YoshiTails13 as Tails and Joseph Hynes as Shadow, and it is hinted that Mr. Gojira95 might help out. Bare Knuckles currently is in the first season of ten episodes. TNAOSONIC and the crossover with Aaron may have added story and characteristics to Bare Knuckles.

The Plush People Edit

After Plushtubers Alliance combined into The Plush Alliance, and The Plush Alliance was discontinued, Jack then joined The Plush People. The Plush People is where Jack hosts his current series, Bare Knuckles. Most members of TPA migrated in to TPP, (ie 224, PlushGod Aduck, SuperMarioKyahn, Haod) TPP has gone through a lot of drama, including all videos being deleted and a new channel being created, and many people leaving because of drama.

Trivia: Edit

  • The superminer supershort "Knuckles and Sonic" was released the same day as SMBTLOTH S1 E1.
  • TNAOSONIC and the crossover with Aaron may have added story and charecteristics to Bare Knuckles.
  • The Series finale of SMBTLOTH took almost a month of editing, and it was edited in iMovie and the Youtube Video Creator!
  • There has been 6 people leaving TPP, with only one of those six came back.