MarioMario8989 (Or MM8989) is the first partnered Plushtuber on Youtube with over 24,000 subs as of 2011 which makes them the second most subscribed plushtuber, first being SuperMarioLogan. MarioMario8989 is known for the Cute Mario Bros. series and his sub-series such as Rock Band. He is remarkable because he was the first plushtuber ever. That's right. He had the first creative Idea to film plushes and make them go on an adventure. His subscribers gone up 200 per week, until he started slacking on uploading. (Once every month) which made 100 per week. By now, MarioMario8989 would pass SuperMarioLogan if he did post videos more frequently. MarioMario8989 is made up of two people. Rick, and Tyler.