Long Hair Is a character in Flying Popcorn Juice (FPJ) YouTube videos. He Was a hero by stoping Black Yoshi from destroying Long Hair’s Home planet.

HIS CHILDHOOD: Long Hair Was a very adventurous kid. He often played with his friend, Tiger. He was only five years old when he set off on his first journey. When He Was Young He was Famous, He Created his own TV show, Built a Mansion And knew Everyone in his City, South FPJ City. He gained Powers From a alien creature that was going to destroy long hair. He likes vinegar and saved his future still past son after long hair started over the world.

HIS ADULTHOOD: As a adult, he became the president of his country, South FPJ For saving the South FPJians And North FPJians from paper people And other threats. He has Three sons, Long GooGoo, GooGoo Long And Long GooGooius GooGooLongius.

HIS DEATH: He died from his painful rash he got while fighting in world war 78. But it wasn’t until five years later That he actually died.

HIS FAMILY MEMBERS: Long Hair had a huge family, here is some of his family members: GooGoo, Long GooGoo, Long Spectiuas, Long Hugumeios, GooGoo Long And More!!!!

NEW LIFE: During The Bowser War 1, Bowser Killed Long Hair’s son, Long GooGoo. Long GooGoo went to heaven and got Long Hair Out Of Heaven. Now Long Hair Is Dead but a alternate Version Of him named Long Skywalkhair is alive and consideres Long GooGoo is his son. He Now Has his old TV show Rebooted and looks After his granddaughter, Walleo.

RETIREMENT: Long Skywalkhair Now Lives his life with Long GooGoo, Ogah (his sister/ Girlfriend), GooGoo Long, Walleo and Long GooGah (his great grandson). He Hangs out with his childhood Friend Tiger and sometimes Tiger’s Children Come over. After all Tiger And Long Skywalkhair are stepbrothers kinda

HIS JOBS: He Had so many Jobs, he has 3 TV shows over the years. He worked in the army, was the president, and now he is a docter

Long Hair is a good person and looks after the people that lives in his country, he has many friends and made some enemies to. His worst Enemy used to be Bowser when Bowser was Evil but now Bowser is good.

Long Hair was sick of wars and fighting so much that he gained a power to reverse time and make it better.