Imaginary Mario Bros is a Plushtubing Youtube channel Created in July, 2017. His first video was The Found Footage. Plot of The Found Footage: Baby Mario Gets sick of Nabbit Being missing, as he was walking he fell down and found a SD card.he bring it inside His house To put In Baby Mario’s Camera,But He Found out that someone has been using up his storage. He decides to watch the mysterious video, it showed Nabbit Saying Baby Mario Was Stupid. Baby Mario watches more, Nabbit says that he’s going to a crazy place where there is a cannibal who eats babies. Baby Mario gets jealous because of Nabbit saying that he will become Youtube famous,for some strange reason Baby Mario Watches more of Nabbit’s Videos. Nabbit Found The Place Where the cannibal comes up from the sewer. PLEASE FINISH THIS WHOEVER YOU ARE!