Flying Popcorn Juice (FPJ) is small unknown plushtuber. His main videos are series videos about his characters. Characters for videos he makes: Long Hair, Walleo, Mega Man, Mario, Luigi, Golden Bear, Honey Bear, Long GooGoo, GooGoo Long, Long GooGoouis GooGoo Longiues, Ashton Good, Ashton Evil, Sonic, Smith Whiskers, Snakey, Snakey Jr, Tiger, Tigger, Mittens, Dinosaura, Bruce, Tiger Jr, Snakey Jr Jr, Tough Duck Butley, Long Skywalkhair, Sully, Sully Jr, Sully Jr Jr, Koopa, Meow Meow, The Black Panther, Bowser, Shadow, Kermit, Spongebob Nosehairs, Max Max, President Pineapple Jr, Captain Toad, Minions, Chocolate Poop Bunny, Pumpky, Chocolate Poop Bunny’s Father. L.H.

The Main Character on the channel was Long Hair, But he died. Long GooGoo Was main character and Walleo turned into the main character to