FluffyMarioBros is the future Mario Plush channel of 2016, and still continues. This channel features made up characters like "McBear", "George", and "Mr. Westpants".

History Edit

Back in 2012 when Nathan got his very own plush toys, he uses his ipad to film great stories about them, such as Angry Birds Adventures, and the Adventures of Mario and Toad. These videos were never uploaded when the channel never existed. On 2015, Nathan created a channel called "bladedrifter", where he makes live action short films, puppet shows, and Angry Birds Plush videos, but all of them were cringe and were ripoffs. Until when Nathan found Mario Plush Channels, such as "SuperMarioLogan", "MarioMario8989", and "StacheBros", Nathan was inspired. He decided to make Mario Plush related videos and make some ideas up in his head. In 2016, Nathan bought a whole collection of Mario toys and began filming and entertaining the audience, making his channel grow. He doesn't upload that often due to school, family business, and SML Drama, but he never gives up on his channel. Some day in the future, this channel will grow big as the other popular Plushtubers.

FluffyMarioBros Channel Trailer (Intro)

FluffyMarioBros Channel Trailer (Intro)

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