Ashton Good, sometimes just known as Ashton, is a hero that save people in FPJ Delerinio Abino, North FPJ, Zyo, FPJno, and all over the Planet Of FPJ Land.

Life: He Has More than 100 Unique siblings that live In other places, He used to make comics about him saving people from Evil. He was born in Humania, a Planet that exploded when he was 5.

Adulthood: He Became a hero and saved the world a few times and even made Documentaries about them named The Awesomely Amaze! He Mostly gets along with all of his siblings except Ashton Evil, more known as The Evil Flying Popcorn Juice Or Ashton And Friends.

Now: He Lives In FPJ Delerinio Abino and Takes care of the people that live there